Graphic Design, Web Design and Application Development

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Graphic design, web design, and application development

Whether you count many years in business or you are a new ambitious entrepreneur, you certainly need a memorable logo and an attractive website following current market trends. In Eazytech we offer comprehensive packages of digital design services, which include graphic design and web design services, for new companies or companies launching in new ventures, as well as individual services depending on your needs.

Company Identity

Building and maintaining a company identity can be a challenge for every businessman. Apart from the logo and the website there are aspects that more often than not get neglected such as stationary or keeping the company’s colour scheme consistent. Our company offers a full set of company identity creation services including: graphic design (logo, web site, flyers, etc.), stationary design (envelopes, letter sheets, etc.), and more.


The logo is the most important part of a corporate identity. Your company’s logo has to be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and above all appropriate. In Eazytech we take into account all the above mentioned aspects in the design process of a logo. The process is as follows:

  1. We initially ask you to fill in a questionnaire that will help us determine the various aspects of your logo design such as target groups, colours, type of business, etc. At this stage a representative might need to contact you for clarifications on your answers.
  2. At the second stage our design team proposes a number of drafts. These drafts are evaluated and a selection is presented to you so you can give us feedback on the drafts. This stage can be repeated as many times as needed but experience has shown that by the second repetition the logo draft will be chosen.
  3. The third stage has to do with the final preparation of the selected logo again continuously asking for your feedback until the logo is deemed ready for publication. At this stage, variations of the logo are presented, for example in different orientations to cover all possible needs.

The logo is then delivered, along with all variations, in their final form, in all necessary formats. A report is also written that describes the geometry and colors of the logo to help you with the trademark registration process.

Website Design

The website creation process requires extensive collaboration between us and the customer as it is an evolving process. The steps that are required are the following:

  1. At the first stage we ask you to fill out a questionnaire. This will help us understand possible site’s attributes, such as target groups, colours, type of business, etc. At this stage a representative might need to contact you for clarifications on your answers.
  2. At the second stage our design team proposes a number of mockups. These are drafted based on the information provided by you through the questionnaire. This selection of mockups is presented to you so you can give us feedback. This stage can be repeated as many times as needed to provide you with the best result.
  3. At the third stage a final version candidate is presented to you and a new series of feedback and changes is initiated until the result is satisfactory.

The site is ready to be delivered. At this time content is added and a series of tests is performed to ensure proper functionality. At this stage there cannot be any major changes to the site’s functionality or design. If the project is a constant work in progress functionality and design changes are permitted, although some restrictions may apply.

Graphic design

In Eazytech we are able to undertake small or large graphic creation projects utilizing our external team of designers. From a simple advertisement to a complete set of 3d graphics for a game, we can surely deliver all that is required for a complete and stylish result. We have experience, amongst others, in advertising, signs, game or application graphics, stands, and exhibition booths.

Flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, etc.

Is randomly putting information along with strange and unfitting graphics on sheet of paper your idea for a flyer? You surely don’t want something like this and we know it. In Eazytech we offer you solutions that are custom tailored to your company’s needs also taking into account your personal choices regarding graphics and content. If you want a flyer, leaflet, brochure or even a catalogue get in contact with us and prepared to be amazed at our quality of service and the end result.

Application development

We guess doing business in our modern society and in the new era of mobility and internet presence needs a solid and well-designed presence. If you have already an internet site then it is time to make the next step, get on the hands of thousands of potential customers through their smartphones or in other words get your own custom made application. Regardless of what kind of application you need or on which platform (Αndroid, iOS, Windows Phone) you are interested in running it, we have the know-how and the ability to make things work.

For more information and offers contact us.